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Our Curriculum Choice



I’ve spent the past 5 months or so researching curriculum, reading curriculum blogs, websites, facebook pages and so on. I’m usually not a huge researcher, but I guess because it is my kids education, I felt the need to really take the time to understand all the different options available, and think about which one would work best with the learning styles of each of my boys.

So, after looking into what seems like dozens of curriculums, I’ve chosen to use My Father’s World for this first year of our homeschool journey. Caleb & Asher will be doing Exploring Countries & Cultures together (can I get an amen for being able to teach multiple different aged kids the same curriculum!), and Gabe will be doing Kindergarten – God’s Creation A-Z. I love that My Father’s World Curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and a global focus. Using living books, literature, timelines, Century Books (“notebooking”) and nature walks to inspire curiosity, I really think my already creative, nature loving boys will really be able to dig in and have so much fun with all of the projects and activities we will be doing together. And I love that everything is laid out and planned for me (because I’m totally clueless when it comes to teaching educational subjects :).

In addition to using My Father’s World curriculum, we have joined a local co-op that will meet on Mondays, where my boys will be able to take classes such as Cooking, Science Fun with Bubbles, Baseball, Bear Grylls Adventures (think survival skills and camping tips), Advanced Lego Builders, Junk Box Wars, Marine Biology, and soooo much more! I’ve also gotten so many ideas from other homeschool moms and blogs, and am ready to dig in now, but will be patient and not overload them, or myself too quickly. Will it be an adjustment? YES! Will it be hard? YES! Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! My boys are excited for a change of pace, and more freedom to be creative and play, and I’m ready to be done with the stressful early morning rush out the door, half-fed, regular school mornings!

As we take this journey, I’m so excited to share our experiences — good, bad, hard, and rewarding — here on the blog. And I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to homeschooling and what works for your family!


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