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Welcome to Guiding with Grace!



Hello family, friends, and new friends to come! My heart behind starting this blog is to give a wide open view into our journey from public schooling to homeschooling. It might help to give a little background first. 

We are a family of 6, Aaron (Dad), Jill (Mom), Caleb (10), Asher (8), Gabe (5) and Maddie (1), that live in a suburb of Dallas, TX. We have been at our local public elementary school since my oldest was in Kindergarten and it’s been a mostly great experience. We’ve had amazing teachers and a wonderful support staff, and I’ve enjoyed my time on the PTA Board. But around the time my oldest was in 2nd grade I started to feel the “nudge” to homeschool. I continued to push the nudge away using every excuse I could find to not homeschool. “I’m an introvert and thrive on solitary time to refresh and renew. If I homeschool, they will be with me ALL. THE. TIME. Plus, I’m not equipped to homeschool. I can’t even figure out my 1st grader’s math homework! Not to mention that I have a one year old at home who has proven to be my craziest, non-sleep loving child yet! There is no way I could ever do it!”

Until finally, this year came. I felt the nudge, and instead of bucking it, poo-pooing it away, I said, “Ok, Lord. I’ll start to research what it would be like to homeschool our kids.” I felt in my heart that I couldn’t continue to say no, but I wasn’t yet at a place where I was ready to say yes. So, I started researching. Curriculum, Co-Ops, more curriculum, more co-ops, talking with friends who homeschool (some of whom have double the amount of kids I do and are thriving as a homeschooling family)! I learned about the different styles of homeschooling. And in the learning process, also recognized more than ever, the learning styles of each of my boys. And they are all different! Which shouldn’t have surprised me, but for some reason it did. The more time I took to research, and PRAY, the more the Lord opened my heart to the idea of homeschooling. Yes, I continued to struggle with the lies that I’m not smart enough, good enough, equipped enough, energetic enough (I mean, 3 boys and a wild-child girl…it’s rarely quiet in our home as it is), patient enough, grace-filled AND grace-giving enough. And yet, the Lord continues to remind me, that I don’t have to be enough. HE IS ENOUGH. He is enough for this journey. By His strength, filled with His Spirit, we can thrive. I can do this only because of Him. And the more I released my fears and worries and allowed Him to reign in my heart over homeschooling, the more I desired to do it. And so Guiding with Grace was born. And here is our adventure. Our journey. The story God is writing in the lives of our family. 

With Expectant Hope,

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